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Health Products Electromagnetic Wave Diabetes Treatment Machine

Place of Origin:Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HNC
Model Number:HWB
Operrationg frequency:33GHz~39GHz
Output power density:4mW/cm2~9mW/cm2
Features:No Pain, No Heat, No Side Effect
Warranty:12 months free maintainance
Power:AC220V 50Hz
Rated input power:<30VA
Service:ODM and OEM are warmly welcome
Indications:Diabetes, Cancer

Health Products Electromagnetic Wave Diabetes Treatment Machine

What’s the benefits of millimeter wave? 


What is millimeter wave ?

 Millimeter wave is 1-10mm electromagnetic wave, which is equal to frequency range 300GHz-30GHz. It is a kind of low-power, short-wavelength and high-frequency electromagnetic wave, which is also called extremely high-frequency electromagnetic wave.


How does millimeter wave treat the diseases?

The macromolecule tissues (cell membrane, protein, DNA and RNA) have their own natural frequency, and a series of diseases will be caused when the natural frequency is disordered. The frequency of the instrument is similar to the natural frequency, so the resonance oscillation of macromolecule tissues will be caused. The energy of the instrument will be introduced to human body through the strong resonance oscillation to recover the disordered cell frequency and change the physiological and biochemical state


Health Products Electromagnetic Wave Diabetes Treatment Machine


1) Non-thermal effect

Millimeter wave does not treat diseases via increasing body temperature. As an internationally recognized green therapy, no thermal, no pain and no stimulation in  the process of treatment.


2) Remote effect

Millimeter wave can be conducted through multiple channels like inter-cell, neural, body fuild and meridians. 


3) Time accumulation effect

Millimeter wave will take some time on cell repair. With the increase of treatment times, the effect on human body becomes more intense and the treatment effects becomes more obvious. 


Health Products Electromagnetic Wave Diabetes Treatment Machine




Health Products Electromagnetic Wave Diabetes Treatment Machine



For specific cancers, choose corresponding treatment parts for irradiation, such as:


1) Liver cancer take liver Yu acupoint

2) Esophageal cancer take Tai Chong acupoint

3) Gastric cancer take Nei Guan, Pishu

4) Breast cancer take Breast Root, Nei Guan

5) Lung cancer take Lung Yu, Pishu

6) Malignant lymphatic tumor take Da-zhui acupoint, Sanli

7) Patients with white blood cells take Large pivot, Nei Guan acupoint.


Irradiation of the following 4 parts will have a best curative effect on diabetes:

Pancreas+ Diji acupuncture point+ Three Yin Channels of foot + Shen Yu acupoint


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Health Products Electromagnetic Wave Diabetes Treatment Machine


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