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fast free shipping 808nm red laser diode acupuncture instrument for post-opertive pain

Place of Origin:Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HNC
Model Number:HY30-D–Multi-functional
Certificates Approved:CE, RoHs, ISO13485, ISO9001, SFDA
Fast Shipment:Within 48 hours after payment
Wide Application Range:650nm hom use laser & 808nm medical use laser combined together
Portable LLLT:Size: 36cm*26cm*31cm
Prime After-sale Service:12 months free maintenance
Customized as your fully requests:OEM service & ODM service provided
Simple & Easy Usage Method:twice a day,30 minutes each time
Green Product:No trauma, no wound, no side-effect, no toxic
Curative Treatment Effect:Clinical Test approved
Veterinary Low Level Laser Therapy:Soft Tissue Wounds Laser Therapy


1.acupuncture instrument

2.wound healing equipment

3.808nm soft laser

4.occupational therapy device

5.2013 new products

What is cold laser therapy good for?

The best known applications are for Acute or Chronic Pain:


Low back and Sciatic Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Tennis and golfer’s Elbow

Post-Operative Pain

Sprains and Strains



Knee Pain

Neck Pain




Stimulate Wound Healing

Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Reduce Swelling and Edema

Allergy cure

Heal Cold Sores


Hay Fever







What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?
LLLT is far more than an invisible flashlight! In fact, low-level lasers are yet another pain-free, sterile, non-invasive tool we use to help facilitate the healing process. Photons of visible and invisible light supply energy to the body by traveling through the layers of skin to the injured area. Unlike surgical lasers, low-level lasers do not produce heat, cut or damage tissue. Instead, cold light from the low-level laser is absorbed through the skin, increasing the cellular activity of tissue surrounding the injured area.


What injuries are treated with Low Level Laser Therapy?
Tendonitis, sprains, strains, back pain, neck pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and many more.


How does it work?
How can light possibly be absorbed by the body and converted into something useful? The human body has been converting light energy since the beginning of time. Our ability to use sunlight to aid in the production of Vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin,” is a perfect example of how our body is able to transform light into something beneficial. With LLLT, photons are absorbed by cells. Energy is transformed, powering metabolic processes. Beneficial proteins and enzymes needed for cellular repair are created. This leads to the regeneration and repair of damaged tissues and the modulation of pain.


What does the research say?
Advances in medicine are being made every day that help improve our practice and push us into new frontiers. The verdict is in! LLLT is part of that movement. It has been found to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of:


  • 1. Inflammatory conditions – bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, etc
  • 2. Tissue damage – fractures, tendon ruptures, ligament tears, torn cartilage, etc
  • 3. Pain conditions – low back pain, neck pain, pain associated with inflammatory conditions

Research has provided strong evidence supporting the effectiveness of laser therapy in accelerating tissue repair, bone healing, increasing circulation, increasing production of ATP, increasing cell metabolism, releasing growth factors, increasing collagen production, and stimulating the immune system. Although there are no known or documented harmful effects from the use of LLLT in physical therapy, precautionary measures are taken to avoid exposure during pregnancy, over known cancerous tissue, or over suspected active bleeding.












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