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Electronic medical physiotherapy equipment

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HNC
Model Number:HY30DM


808nm and 650nm laser

Pain relief,healing and laser acupuncture

Human/veterinary dual-use

MOQ 1 set


HY30DM Version 2.0 is an update version of old HY30DM.

The general charactors as followed:


1,Increased laser output power.

There are two laser output ports.

Port A: 4 beam of 808nm 180mw medical laser. 11 beam of 650nm 5mw red laser. Total 775mW.Suitable for large area laser irradiation for pain relief and healing.

Port B: 1 beam of 808nm 180mw medical laser.Suitable for laser acupuncture.

2,Re-designed body with metal laser treatment probe.

Redesigned metal laser probe is more stable and durable.

3,Turnkey solution to avoid mis-use for children.

When the operator is leaving,he can take the keys,without the key,no one can turn on the laser.

4,Treatment runtime extended.

Extended from 30 minutes to 60 minutes compare with the old model.


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