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Adjust blood acid-base balance charge for body

Place of Origin:Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HNC
Model Number:DW-9202
color:white and blue
exterior size:430*240*225
Prime after-sale service:1 Year free maintenance



negative ion therapy device 
1. Non-invasive, no pain 
2. Fast delivery 
3. Easy to operate 


Home Green Products Electric Field Therapy Device Negative Ion Therapy Device 


Therapy Principle:
Scientific practice has proved that appropriate intensity of the electric field has a favorable impact on human body cells. Based on this biomedical theory, high potential therapy instrument place people in the high voltage and low frequency alternative electric field, then the body cells, body fluid, nerves will discharge silently affected by the electric field; the combined effect of air ion flow and ozone will put the body zwitterion and electric doublet in a right order.



1. High potential Therapy 
2. Negative Therapy 
3. Negative ion generator 
4. Partial treatment therapy



Headache, Insomnia, Joint Pain, Chronic Consatipation



1. Friendly operation interface.

2. Stable treatment performance.

3. Perfect security protection system.

4. Safe and comfortable treatment process.

5. Can be used at home for daily health care.

6. Rational structure of complete machine.


Negative Therapy


Function Mechanism of Negative Therapy:


Several thousand high-voltage negative electricity makes the output side discharge silently, which produce powerful negative ions. After negative ions enter the human body, they make excellent regulation and recovery of the nervous system of the whole body and gradually adjust the acidized morbid physique to a weak alkaline physique.


Balance PH-value, purify the blood, activate the cell, tone the automatic nerve, supply the static energy needed by the human body and feel the forest bathing.Make the body keep balance and show a vigorous status








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